VASCO Redoutable

VASCO Redoutable

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You will find a double graduation on the dial of the REDOUTABLE: graduation for the 24-hour hour hand, traditional graduation for the 60-minute minute hand. This model is on the way to becoming a "classic" in the VASCO collection created by Benjamin Chamfeuil.

Bordeaux is and remains a harbor, open to the ocean. This is perhaps where should be sought the reasons for the universe chosen by Benjamin Chamfeuil, a designer from Bordeaux. An evocation therefore of the sea, and more precisely of the obscure world of submariners. An unknown universe, therefore, imbued with courage, human authenticity and oceanic beauty. All in a minimalist execution dear to the designer.

The particularity of VASCO watches lies in their "24-hour" reading: the dial is graduated to 24 hours and not 12, the complete rotation of the hour hand takes place in 24 hours.

Particularly useful in a submarine where nothing distinguishes day from night.

To know finally: VASCO de GAMA died on… December 24… 1524.