ROSSLING Continental

ROSSLING Continental

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The Continental model perfectly illustrates the brand's promise: 40 mm in diameter, not too large for a “dressy” watch, not too small for a “casual” watch, an intermediate size which is suitable for both male and female owners. The original tweed bracelet also contributes to this mix of style and relaxation. The thickness of the watch is limited to

7.5 mm is made possible by a particular industrial process.

Rossling is a family affair: two entrepreneur brothers, Terry and Karim, native of Montreal in Canada and soon joined by their third brother Karim. Rossling is a young brand created in 2013 but which has already presented five models. The brand's promise is as follows:

  • Timeless, classic watches
  • All-purpose watches, dressy or casual
  • Affordable watches for less than € 600.