The watches sold by BRICKYARD are covered by a limited international warranty during 2 years from purchase date for ARPIEM watches, 1 year for the other products. The warranty covers any manufacturing or material defect, i.e. failing of the movement, of the case, the glass or the strap. The warranty does not cover:

  • the imperfections of the case, of the glass, of the strap coming from the normal aging and using of the watch (minor scratches, blemishes, discoloration)

  • external or internal damages coming from a bad or inappropriate use of the watch: any exposure to water non compatible with the waterproofness level proposed by the watch, the exposure to fire or any type of impact.

  • Damages due to modifications made to the watch, addition or removal of parts, use of accessories non supplied by BRICKYARD

A proof of purchase will be requested in order to apply for warranty.        


The warranty is not transferable and is only valid to the original purchaser


The customer will pay for shipping of the defective watch and the replacement watch. We do not cover the cost of shipping. Package that are shipped “Freight Collect Receiver” will be refused.