Vincent REPOUX, the creator of ARPIEM, is a race fan. His emotions are mainly driven by sounds, colors and smells, making of him a true aficionados of the romantic period of the motor racing in the 60's and the 70's. The ARPIEM Tribute watches are an attempt to express these emotions.

The four models are offering, through their colors combinations, their details on the dials, many references to the personalities from which they are inspired: Graham Hill (navy blue and white), Bruce Mc Laren (dark grey and orange), Jim Clark (green and yellow) and John Wyer (light blue and orange).

The original design of the ARPIEM Tribute give to the watch its unique character : triple layer dial giving a deepness effect, secondary dials shape inspired by the manometers of the cars of the sixties, tachymeter gradations treated in the way of a diving watch. 

The ARPIEM Tribute is a rare watch : the 4 models are numbered in limited editions of 90 to 160 units according to the model.


BOLDR was created in 2014 in Singapore by two childhood friends, Travis Tan and Leon Leong. The BOLDR brand is strongly associated to travel and to travellers, dedicated to people looking for new experiences. The brand developed very well since 2014, with now a full range of original and interesting watches. 

The BOLDR Odyssey is a true diving watch. Its robust conception enables a waterproofness of 500 meters (50 ATM), a 316L stainless steel case including an helium escape valve, a diameter of 45.5 mm for easy reading under low visibilty conditions. The watch is fitted with a SEIKO NH-35 A automatic movement enjoying a 42 hours power reserve.



The name FERRO chosen by the canadian creator of the bran finds its meaning in the italian wording of "iron" - ferro in italian, evoquing quality, reliability and craft.

Bob the creator of FERRO is based in Vancouver and is fully dedicated to the development of his brand. 1500 units of the Distinct model have been produced.


The Distinct II is the evolution of a first Distinct model launched three years ago. The watch belongs to the "racing watches" category and finds its inspiration in the design of the tachymeters of sports cars and more precisely in the Porsche 911. The Distinct is a single hand watch (hours and minutes are read on the same hand), and it  has been produced in two versions, one equipped with a swiss quartz and one with a japanese automatic movement. BRICKYARD offers the Distinct under 4 colors, white, black, blue and orange.



HAVOK is a child of the digital generation. HAVOK is a San Franscisco based design company. Its mission is to bring on the market quality products of the daily life with a design added value for a fraction of the price of the comparable luxury products (luggages, wallets, watches, blets...). In order to achieve this, 2 basic principles:

A fully integrated design process, integrating all manufacturing constrains

A short distribution channel, mainly direct to consumer.

The HAVOK Racer is a chrono watch finding its inspiration in the heritage of the sixties, and which evoques according to HAVOK sounds and scents of that period. Its design is definitly a vintage design.


10 000 units of the HAVOK Racer have been produced, and they are available at BRICKYARD under three different versions: black, blue and Rose Gold versions.




People sometimes forget it, but Bordeaux remains a habror, open on the ocean. That is maybe where you can search and find the justification of the universe chosen by Benjamin Chamfeuil, a designer form Bordeaux, for his brand VASCO. A reference to the sea, and more precisely to the dark world of  thesubmariners. A universe marked by courage, by authenticity and by the strengh of oceans. 


VASCO espresses this in a minimalistic way, with an original "24 hours concept for its watches. The revolution of the hands of hours is made in 24 hours and not 12, enabling the submariners in the ancient time to hang up to a cycle of 24 hours in a day in an environment with no night and day...

Last but not least: VASCO de GAMA died on december 24th in the year ... 1524...