These Terms of Sales apply for the sales made on the eshop www.brickyardstore.com.

SECTION 1 : Identity

The e-shop www.brickyardstore.com is a service brought by REJOSTRU SAS, 13 avenue du Commandant d’Aussy, 33110 Le Bouscat, France

SECTION 2 : Main characteristics of the products and services.

The www.brickyardstore e-shop is retailing watches and other accessories. The client declares know and accept the Terms of Sales before he validates his purchase. The order validation by the customer is an acceptation of the Terms of Sales.

The description and the pictures available on the e-shop www.brickyardstore.com are meant to be the reflect of the reality of the products. REJOSTRU SAS cannot warranty the exhaustivity and the perfect reliability of this information at any moment of consultation by the client. In case a wrong information or feature should be made by client, this one ill benefit of the conditions of the Return Policy for his item as described in Section 10.


SECTION 3 : Prices

the prices are expressed in Euro. They can be modified without notice.


In case of delivery outside EU, le client is the importer of the items that he purchased. The client is sole responsible for the payment of any fee or taxes that could claimed by the local authorities in his country for the import of the goods.

Shipping cost is not included in the price. Participation of the client to this shipping cost is mentioned on the order before the order confirmation by the client.

SECTION 4 :Availability of products 

In order to satisfy our clients, we steadily check the availability of the products proposed on-line.

In cas a product ordered on-line appears to be unavailable, you will be immediately informed. Your order will be cancelled and your payment fully reimbursed, or replaced by a product of same value if this is your choice and decision.

SECTION 5 : Order

The transfer of ownership of the items ordered occurs when payment has been fully executed.

SECTION 6 : Delivery

Delivery is possible both on domestic market and international destinations. The delivery is executed at the address given by the client. The time given for delivery is indicative, and may vary according the the destination. 

SECTION 7 : Payment

Payments are accepted with Cards and with Paypal.

SECTION 8 : Withdrawal Right

The client enjoys a Withdrawal Right of 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods (article L121-20 du Code de la consommation).  This right is extended to 30 days from the day of the order for the ARPIEM watches.

You should contact us at the following address = hello@brickyardstore.com to inform us of your intention of using your Withdrawal Right, and ship your item back in his original box within the requested time limit. Shipping costs for the return are at the client expense. This right applies to new, unused, unworn products only. It is REJOSTRU SAS sole responsability to estimate if a product shows traces of use or not. In case the strap of the watch should show such traces of use, an amount of 30€ will be deducted from the full reimbursement.

SECTION 9 : Reimbursement 

If conditions described in Section 8 are fullfilled,a full reimbursement is due to the client. The reimbursement will be made with the same payment method as the one used for the order, within 14 days of receipt of the items shipped back to REJOSTRU SAS.

SECTION 10 :Claims and return address

The goods returned to REJOSTRU SAS and claims made by clients should be addressed by post to REJOSTRU SAS, 13 avenue du Commandant d’Aussy, 33110 Le Bouscat, France (or claims by mail at hello@brickyardstore.com).

SECTION 11 : Responsability

Our contractual responsability is engaged in case bad execution or non execution of the obligations of the contract issued from the client order (article 1147 of the Code civil). Our responsability will nevertheless not be engaged in case of:

  • force majeure ;

  • occurence of an event for which we cannot be held as responsible


SECTION 12 : Personal Data

  • Some informations are given by the client to REJOSTRU SAS (name, first name, postal and email address, telephone) in order to enable the fullfilment of the order. 

  • REJOSTRU SAS will post commercial offers by mail to the client unless he client expresses his opposition on his personal space or by mail at hello@brickyardstore.com.

SECTION 13 : Juridiction and applicable law

In case of dispute, the only applicable law is the French Law, and the only competent juridictions to state about the dispute will be the french juridictions.