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Vincent REPOUX, the creator of ARPIEM, is a race fan. His emotions are mainly driven by sounds, colors and smells, making of him a true aficionados of the romantic period of the motor racing in the 60's and the 70's. The ARPIEM Tribute watches are an attempt to express these emotions.

The four models are offering, through their colors combinations, their details on the dials, many references to the personalities from which they are inspired: Graham Hill (navy blue and white), Bruce Mc Laren (dark grey and orange), Jim Clark (green and yellow) and John Wyer (light blue and orange).

The original design of the ARPIEM Tribute give to the watch its unique character : triple layer dial giving a deepness effect, secondary dials shape inspired by the manometers of the cars of the sixties, tachymeter gradations treated in the way of a diving watch. 


The ARPIEM Tribute is a rare watch : the 4 models are numbered in limited editions of 90 to 160 units according to the model.